Questions Your Web Provider Should Ask You


Do you have a preferred color scheme?
For design of course! Who doesn’t want their new website to be aesthetically wonderful?
Do you have any websites in mind, or see any websites in our portfolio, that you find particularly appealing? If so, what about them?
For both function and aesthetics. Looking at other sites that you find appealing can help by providing programmers with a visual representation of what it is you’re looking for.

What kind of functionality are you looking for? Appointments, ecommerce, pictures, portfolios, email, calendars, etc. 
This is important for most than just the obvious purpose of figuring out which functions you would like on your site. It also helps to make sure that the web design company you’re working with can offer the services you’re looking for.

If you’re not sure what kind of modules can be added to your website, your provider should be able to provide you with examples.

Do you have already have website?




For several reasons:
Your web designer may be able to reuse content from the old site.
The old site will eventually need to be taken down.
Hearing what you did and did not like about the old site helps to create a do’s and don’ts list for future website designs.  


Do you have a logo and do you have a digital copy of it? Is it a vector image?
To be used on your website, and for future marketing materials.
It is likely that they will be able to create a vector image of your logo if you don’t already have one.
What is a vector image?
Vector images are images created to be easily resized, without being pixely.


Target Markets? Ideal clients?
It helps give programmers and design teams an idea of who they should be appealing to.


When do you want/need your website to be launched?
To make sure that you and your web provider are setting realistic goals and priorities. Some site designs, modules and programs take significantly longer than others. Also keep in mind that any reputable company is also going to put aside some time for error checking and will likely have multiple projects going on at one time. Of course they are going to want to deliver your new website on time, but you need to make sure that you and your provider are on the same page regarding what you want quality and content wise to make sure it meets up with the deadlines you are setting.
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