Some Advice about Free Software

After a visit to my parents house recently it has become crystal clear that people who ought to know better about some pretty easy web basics do not.  So here is a post about some things to look out for when you are downloading something from the internet.

The example I put above is a common question you are asked when installing Java, and many other programs will also prompt you for downloads of a more annoying nature.  The Ask toolbar from the above example is a fairly harmless form of Bloatware, which is unwanted software included by the manufacturer of a product.  If paired with other toolbars, it can eventually slow your browser to a halt, but by itself … Read More

Web Basics: HTML vs. CSS

While HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are separate coding languages, they’re not so much distinct choices as they are two connected and essential pieces for building a web page. HTML and CSS are best used together to create a functional and appealing page.

The majority of a page’s content is defined in the HTML. Images, links, text formatting, and all of the text content are found here. Inside the HTML code is also where the information gets organized: headers, paragraphs, numbered lists, and bulleted lists are just a few of simple functions for organizing information.

CSS describes the presentation of all of this information that’s been defined in the HTML. For example, what the headers say … Read More

Social Media Tips For Businesses


Some of the basics: share posts that relate to your audience, not just posts about you and your company. Try posting things like relevant news, instructional videos, and creative ideas that interest the type of people who buy your product.

Is your account inactive? Disable it


If accounts are not being maintained within the company either someone should be hired to do so, or the account should be taken down. Stagnant accounts give the impression that the company is either inattentive or out of business.



Common ways SEO and SM are sold


As a posting service
As a set up service with training seminar
As a bundle package of social media accounts and servicesRead More

How Can Social Media Help Your Company?


Social media can help improve your SEO helping your customers find you. How?

By using the social media site’s popularity to boost your own relevance in the eyes of the search engine.

Social media sites tend to appear very high on these lists when searching for both companies and individuals which, studies show, result in more visitors to your site. Not to mention that social media has been proven to be a very cost effective form of self advertising, providing companies new means with which to utilize both free and paid options. Keep in mind that social media service packages are available for sale for a wide range of prices, varying according to the number of services offered and Read More

A Few Of The Most Useful Apps For Business People…and Everyone Else!

Shumaker Technology Group would like to share some of our favorite apps with you! Many of which we’ve found to be quite handy in the business world. That being said, we have attempted to avoid the painfully obvious and incredibly common, while also making a point of including handy apps that are less commonly utilized in a business setting.



Allows you to run Microsoft Office on Apple devices.


Price: Free


Available on: Android and iOS


CloudOn is particularly useful, because not only does it allow you to open Microsoft Office on the iPad and Android tablets, it also also supports several of the more advanced features and is specifically designed to work well with a Read More