Kearney Township’s New Website

When we met Kearney Township at the Michigan Townships Association Expo in 2019, they were just starting to look into updating their website. The previous Kearney Township website hadn’t been updated in many years. It wasn’t mobile-friendly, it lacked modern security features, and it simply looked old, providing a less-than-flattering online persona for the township.

Kearney website homepage Kearney wasn’t able to immediately focus on the website project, but we made sure to stay in contact. Once they were ready, the Shumaker Group submitted a proposal right away. The Kearney Board discussed their options, and they accepted our proposal. Then, we hit the ground running working together on the new website!

Kearney had wanted to include zoning maps on their website for a long time, but they weren’t able to digitize the maps in their office, nor post them on their old website. For their new website, however, Kearney mailed the maps to the Shumaker Group, we produced high-quality scans and uploaded them, and we mailed the originals right back! This is just one example of how we were able to expand the scope of the new Kearney website in comparison to the limitations of the former one.

Now, we are pleased to announce the official launch of the new Kearney Township website. Kearney was a pleasure to work with, with a clear vision for the information they wanted to make available to their residents through their new site. Having just wrapped up a webinar training to help the Kearney team learn to manage their new website, we’re excited to continue to support them and see how they take advantage of their revitalized online presence.

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