Benefits of Digital Workflow Systems


Digital Workflow Systems help to increase efficiency by digitally carrying out routine tasks without taking up your employee’s time.


Workflow is run by setting up a trigger system, which, put simply, are actions, that trigger other actions.
Triggers can be actions done by the user, or within the system itself, such as a new document being uploaded, field updates, document expiration, initiating approval processes etc.
Actions are things like: initiating approval processes, moving content from one location to another, sending out email alerts, putting things in an users work queue, etc. These actions can even launch other applications, which is commonly used to invoke integration scripts or export documents.
The system, of course, is not limited by regular business Read More

Social Media Tips For Businesses


Some of the basics: share posts that relate to your audience, not just posts about you and your company. Try posting things like relevant news, instructional videos, and creative ideas that interest the type of people who buy your product.

Is your account inactive? Disable it


If accounts are not being maintained within the company either someone should be hired to do so, or the account should be taken down. Stagnant accounts give the impression that the company is either inattentive or out of business.



Common ways SEO and SM are sold


As a posting service
As a set up service with training seminar
As a bundle package of social media accounts and servicesRead More