Web Basics: HTML vs. CSS

While HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are separate coding languages, they’re not so much distinct choices as they are two connected and essential pieces for building a web page. HTML and CSS are best used together to create a functional and appealing page.

The majority of a page’s content is defined in the HTML. Images, links, text formatting, and all of the text content are found here. Inside the HTML code is also where the information gets organized: headers, paragraphs, numbered lists, and bulleted lists are just a few of simple functions for organizing information.

CSS describes the presentation of all of this information that’s been defined in the HTML. For example, what the headers say … Read More

STG at CES 2014

Early last month, a group of us from the Shumaker Technology Group escaped the frigid Michigan winter and visited Las Vegas for the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show.  CES is a technology trade show where companies from all around the world showcase their newest and most innovative products and concepts, and we certainly weren’t disappointed.


Intel had a particularly exciting display this year.  RealSense, a 3D camera sensor, was unveiled.  The camera sees depth like a human eye and enables the user to interact with the computer in a much more exciting way than the typical keyboard and mouse setup allows.  A picture can hardly do the experience justice, so you’ll have to take our word until it hits

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