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Digitizing these mountains of paper is no easy task

Fortunately, the Shumaker Technology Group is here to help.

We handle all your conversion needs, from pulling staples and preparing documents to indexing and reconstructing your archive.

We work to convert documents of all shapes and sizes into searchable files suitable for storage on your server.

Combine the end result with industry-leading document management software, Content Central, for a lasting impact.

Full-Service Document Imaging

Access Your Archive with Content Central, the all-in-one, browser-based document management system.

Local or Cloud Hosted
100% Browser-Based
Responsive Support

Full-Text Searching
Index-Field Searching
Wildcard Searching

In-Browser Viewing
Approval Processing
Workflow Engine

Step 1
Analysis & Planning

A solutions consultant reviews your archive and develops a plan for logistics, document structure, imaging requirements, and post-imaging needs.

Pre-Imaging Analysis
Page Volume
Page Size(s)
Paper Type
Paper Condition
Binding (paper-clips, staples)
Archive Location/Logistics

Step 2
Scanning & Indexing

The imaging team scans and optionally indexes your documents using industrial-grade hardware and software.

Imaging Services
High-Speed Scanning (ADF)
Manual Scanning (irregular sizes)
Output Format (PDF, TIFF, JPEG)
Color Depth (color/grayscale/b&w)

Indexing Services
Index-from-page Data Entry
Zonal Recognition (text/barcode)

Step 3
Packaging & Exporting

Your image files are converted to the format(s) you require and packaged for a document management system or exported for self-management or storage. Your original archive can be reconstructed for continued storage or destroyed.

Post-Imaging Services
Data Packaging for DMS
Content Central Installation
Document Reconstruction
Document Shredding