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Custom Web App & Database Design

Custom Web App & Database Design

Web App & Database Design

Web App & Database Design

Sometimes, a static Web Site just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you need a web-enabled database to keep track of your customers. Maybe you want potential customers to be able to register their contact information on your site so you can reach out to them by phone or email. Or, maybe you just want your Web Site to automatically customize itself based on who is logged in.

Web App & Database Design

The Shumaker Technology Group specializes in finding the right solutions to meet our client’s needs. In some cases, we can find an open source or off-the-shelf commercial software package that will meet those needs resulting in a substantial savings for our clients. Other times, our client’s require the perfect solution to fit their needs, so we custom program a solution for their specific issue. Fortunately, we specialize in programming and database design so we’re sure to come up with the perfect solution for you. We primarily program in the ever popular PHP scripting language and utilize the MySQL database technology, but we can also accommodate other languages and technologies when they are a better fit for our clients.

Security should be a primary concern whenever you are considering developing a web application or having one developed for you. Price is always an important consideration, but the cheapest solution isn’t always the best if it puts your data at an increased risk of being lost or stolen. We love to talk with clients about our credentials and experience as well as what safeguards we will put into place to protect their application and data, and what safeguards they should take when using it.

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