Which Document Management Software is right for YOUR company?

Figuring out which Document Management Software is right for you can be a hassle. We know, because we’ve tried it. Many companies show off their key features on their website and then try to get every detail of your company and rope you in before giving you any more information. 

Thankfully, we’ve already gone through that whole process with a few of the most popular companies. Here’s what we came up with:


We hope this helps you narrow down your search! 

Happy hunting!

A Few Of The Most Useful Apps For Business People…and Everyone Else!

Shumaker Technology Group would like to share some of our favorite apps with you! Many of which we’ve found to be quite handy in the business world. That being said, we have attempted to avoid the painfully obvious and incredibly common, while also making a point of including handy apps that are less commonly utilized in a business setting.



Allows you to run Microsoft Office on Apple devices.


Price: Free


Available on: Android and iOS


CloudOn is particularly useful, because not only does it allow you to open Microsoft Office on the iPad and Android tablets, it also also supports several of the more advanced features and is specifically designed to work well with a Read More


Almost every business needs an IT Department.  Unfortunately, many small companies simply can’t afford that luxury and as a result end up doing things less efficiently than they could.  The Shumaker Technology Group specializes in working with small to medium sized companies and organizations in order to provide innovative, technology based solutions that will enhance the way that you do business. STG also works with consumers, providing services such as tech support and the creation of personal websites. No job is too big or too small.

STG Offers Services In:

Search Engine Optimization


  • Keyword Analysis
  • Social Media Integration, Google Analytics & Adwords (PPC)
  • Landing Page Optimization (LPO) & Development


Tech Support and Computer Repair


  • In Home
Read More

Our Creative Process


What are the steps involved in having your website developed by STG?


Many of our clients are unfamiliar with website design. Keeping this in mind, when we begin planning a website for a client one of the first things we do is explain the processes we go through in order to create their site. What is that process? Well, we usually follow these steps:


1) The first thing we do is speak with the client and figure out what exactly it is they are looking for, by asking questions…a lot of questions, such as:


How many pages do you think you are going to have on this website?
Which kinds of pages? Home, Services, Contact Us, About Us, Schedule Read More

The Benefits of Paperless Document Management

Considering the transition from paper filing to online document management? The specifics are difficult to nail down without knowing the details of your particular township, but I’ve compiled a list of benefits and common concerns with an added bit of food for thought for each.

Common Concerns:

-Not being able to pick up and carry a physical (paper) copy.
-What about planning and design?
-How user friendly is it? What if employees are not fond of change?

The Benefits:
-Low Cost
-Low Maintenance
-Cheap or even free distribution
-To Go Green!
-Improved Search Capabilities

Lower Costs

Many of us who do not work in the fields of Finance or Accounting do not spend a great deal of time Read More