Going Paperless

More and more today you hear of people “going paperless,” and there are many reasons why it is a crucial tool for a 21st century business. If you haven’t heard, going paperless is moving the mountains of paperwork you have in a series of filing cabinets taking up valuable office space into the cloud. Below are some benefits that make going paperless a necessity in a modern business.

  • Being able to respond to a question by a customer immediately without having to dig through a series of filing cabinets
  • Save money by avoiding printing documents and then having to pay an employee to waste time finding the same document
  • Avoiding misfiled documents that become lost forever in the abyss that is a filing room
  • Being able to make instant additions to records without having to print off a new form
  • Having your files on a server cuts down on the physical space that the files would have taken up
  • Ability to recover from a disaster without missing a beat because the files are stored in the cloud
  • Multiple people can easily collaborate on a document without having to be together
  • Going paperless helps the environment by not only saving trees, but also using less paper means producing less pollution
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