Benefits of Digital Workflow Systems


Digital Workflow Systems help to increase efficiency by digitally carrying out routine tasks without taking up your employee’s time.


Workflow is run by setting up a trigger system, which, put simply, are actions, that trigger other actions.
Triggers can be actions done by the user, or within the system itself, such as a new document being uploaded, field updates, document expiration, initiating approval processes etc.
Actions are things like: initiating approval processes, moving content from one location to another, sending out email alerts, putting things in an users work queue, etc. These actions can even launch other applications, which is commonly used to invoke integration scripts or export documents.
The system, of course, is not limited by regular business hours or whether or not employees are logged on. The system will will keep running 24/7, processing numerous events, maintaining schedules and carrying out the necessary processes so they’ll be ready for you when you get into the office. It will also keep a detailed record of both system and user events, allowing you to keep audit trails and hold everyone responsible for changes they have made to the system.
These functions increase organization and efficiency, which in turn, save you money.
If your office goes through quite a bit of paper traffic, and especially if those documents need to be shared amongst many employees, I highly recommend you try out a document management system with workflow features.
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