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What are the steps involved in having your website developed by STG?


Many of our clients are unfamiliar with website design. Keeping this in mind, when we begin planning a website for a client one of the first things we do is explain the processes we go through in order to create their site. What is that process? Well, we usually follow these steps:


1) The first thing we do is speak with the client and figure out what exactly it is they are looking for, by asking questions…a lot of questions, such as:


How many pages do you think you are going to have on this website?
Which kinds of pages? Home, Services, Contact Us, About Us, Schedule An Appointment, More Info, FAQs, Certifications, References, Testimonials, etc.


Then we get into more detailed questions about those pages:
Do you have any of your content written up?
Do you have a logo? Would you like us to design a few for you?
Do you have a color scheme you would like to work with?
Do you have pictures you would like us to work with?
Would you like us to find generic pictures?
Do you have any examples of websites you like?
Is there anything specific you would like us to incorporate into your site? A photo gallery? Service request forms? Printable new patient forms? etc 


2) After the initial meeting, our marketing team then gets together with our programmers to discuss what we would like to them to create. Then they begin building the website.


3) After the site has been created, usually in several formats, our marketers look them over and offer suggestions.

4) At this point, the website has been refined and is ready to be presented to the client.

5) The client is then able to choose which mock up the liked best, or to request that changes be made.

6) Once the changes are made to meet our client’s standards the website is then made active for the world to see.

Check out our portfolio at: http://www.shumakergroup.com/portfolio.php

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