Machining Capabilities

Research Tool Corporation proudly employs an experienced machinist and fabrication staff whose expertise includes the production of high precision custom parts, fixtures, gages, tooling, prototypes and special machines. With our vast production capabilities, RTC serves numerous customers across a variety of industries. These include the medical, machine tool, aerospace, defense, automotive, and experimental design and build industries. RTC also produces process machinery for the food, chemical, logging, mining, construction and automotive industries just to name a few.

Our staff has the ability to manufacture almost any build-to-print job, with knowledge and experience in the following: I.D., O.D. and flat grinding, wire and sink EDM, fast-hole EDM, CNC milling and turning, boring mill work, fabrication and welding, laser engraving, and manual milling and turning.

We specialize in both small and large production runs, with a maximum of up to 50,000 units. Additionally we work with almost any material including mild steels, alloys, aluminum alloys, stainless steel alloys, tool steels, non ferrous alloys, plastics and exotic metals such as titanium, hastelloy and zirconium.

Research Tool is also well known for our experience and efficiency while machining PEEK (Polyether ether ketone).  Due to its high density, PEEK is commonly molded, which requires an expensive mold, making small or occasional runs of parts manufactured from PEEK unnecessarily costly. Thanks to our skilled machinists, engineers, and our special tooling, we are able to offer our customers a cost-effective efficient alternative to PEEK molding.